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Three leading companies in this area that are under contract with IC2S are; Raytheon Solipsys, Cornet Technology, Inc and Bravo Zulu Security Solutions.

Raytheon Solipsys is a leader in developing integrated C2 network-centric solutions in the real-time tactical environment. IC2S works with its customers to help define their program needs then works directly with Solipsys to meet the customer's requirements. As a software and hardware sales representative for Solipsys, additional costs are not passed to the customer for IC2S's involvement. Through the application of innovative technologies, Solipsys with the assistance from IC2S delivers C2 infrastructure and components used to control security/military forces in an operational environment. These solutions ensure information superiority, increased shared situational awareness, deep sensor reach, aircraft control, air defense management, disaster management, and time-critical decision making. IC2S would enjoy helping partners to integrate the Solipsys Multi Source Correlator Tracker (MSCT), Tactical Display Framework (TDF), SCULPT simulation system the "Zeus" UAS system or any of their other products and services. The Raytheon Solipsys web site can be located at;

Cornet Technology, Inc. is a small business with over 20 years experience in designing and manufacturing essential and dependable video, voice, and data communication products that work behind-the-scenes in support of mission success. With product design, engineering, and manufacturing located together in their headquarters building in Springfield, VA, their strength is their ability to quickly develop products, built on flexible platforms that are easily adaptable to a customer's specific requirements.

Cornet Technology also specializes in state-of-the-art video encoders and decoders, video recorders, and video control and management software designed for sharing, distributing, and storing motion images and graphics, as well as for Intelligence, Reconnaissance, and Surveillance (ISR) applications.

Outside the U.S., Cornet Technology has offices in India, the United Kingdom, Japan, and Germany. The Cornet Technology web site is

Bravo Zulu Security Solutions (BZSS) is a Huntsville, AL based company and like IC2S is a veteran-owned small business. BZSS specializes in developing and manufacturing security solutions, remote/wireless - video/data collection and transmission, as a global sensor system. The management of BZSS has strong communications background and field integration, combined with superior customer service. They have developed products and solutions that meet customer needs from start to finish. BZSS products are designed with exportable components, reducing the time for delivery to companies outside the United States at an economical price. BZSS can be located at;

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